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Special Report: Delaire Graff Estate Revisited

Special Report:  Delaire Graff Estate, Stellenbosch, South Africa Revisited

Winery, fine dining, art museum, the home of a wealthy friend. Delaire Graff Estate is part of the exclusive Relais & Chateau network so you know it both has culinary chops and high-end accommodations. Beyond that, the first hospitality effort by the legendary jeweler Laurence Graff feels like a cross between visiting the home of a well to do friend and getting a peek at his art collection, curated specifically for that home. After visiting back in January, in this report we look ahead. On December 21, 2018 it will add six more lodges and an owner’s villas to its 10 one-and-two-bedroom lodges. You can visit for the day, overnight, or if desired, takeover the entire estate for either a corporate event or personal celebration. Either way, if you are in Cape Town, it’s a must visit, less than an hour by car or 15 minutes by helicopter to one of its on-resort helipads.


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