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  1. Please add me to your newsletter email list as my business partner & I will now be chartering private aircraft prior to an outright purchase. Thank you. Baron Von Carlton


  2. Doug, I just saw your earlier article about SurfAir. I have owned 3 Pilatus’ over the last 10 years (as well as an L-39 and a Falcon 50 for a short while) and enjoyed them very much. As you know, the Pilatus is a very good charter plane that we used Part 135 to offset operating expenses. I saw in your article the mention of other companies that have failed in the air services industry. What I have seen, including in the case of Avantair (in which I knew their CEO) is the maintenance cycle is the ultimate killer. At these lower customer rates the smaller plane private flight and sharing programs are very attractive, but because the planes are used so often their major maintenance checks (B and C checks, engine…) come very fast and are more expensive and time consuming than they have provided for in their pricing or scheduling. In the case of SurfAir they are just getting into major maintenance and it concerns me they have financial problems already!

    In any event, my last Pilatus, which was an NG, I sold last year so I am currently without a plane. I live in San Luis Obispo, Westlake and Palm Desert – all 2.5 hrs apart if you drive so they make little sense to charter. But trips from San Luis Obispo to Palm Desert take 5 hours to drive and 1.2 or so to fly. I also fly alone most of the time! Any suggestions on chartering of smaller planes for one or two people?

    Also, please sign me up for your newsletter.

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  3. Just read your Forbes article about Private Aviation charter suppliers partnering with travel suppliers. Very informative. My 35 year old company, Ocean Getaways, is in the Luxe Yacht Charter business providing providing leisure vacations to the UHTC traveler. Covid and all the related destination lockdowns has prompted unprecedented demand for private air charters. Could you recommend the top 2-3 suppliers with global aviation coverage for us to explore linking up with as a partner? Our smaller family groups would be 4-12 pax. Our Corporate groups are in the 30-150 Pax range. Thanks for your help. Also please do add me to your email newsletter list if I fit your criteria. Thanks.


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