Is The American Express Centurion Card Worth $10,000?

You probably have heard about the American Express Centurion Card, commonly referred to the “black card,” although there is a VISA-issued card by the same name. When the card was launched in 1999, the chairman of my company received one gratis as he was on a board with the then chairman of American Express. Later…

Why Use A Travel Agent?

The trend in suites is to be bigger and more expensive, and there are many beautiful ones worth the money. In fact, most magazines and media focus on biggest and most expensive. I can plead guilty. When I was Editor-in-Chief of Elite Traveler, we started an annual 101 Top Suites list, and size and expense…

Vol 2, Issue 10 – July 2016

Vol 2, Issue 10 – CEO Safety Guide to the Rio Olympics; Top Suites in Los Angeles, London, Mexico City, Milan, Paris and Gstaad.

Vol. 2, Issue 4 – March 2016

Vol. 2, Issue 4 – March 2016 A look back at some of the most amazing villas and suites we’ve covered, on land and at sea.  

Secret Perks Programs of Luxury Hotels

Did you get a $100 spa credit on your last stay at a Mandarin Oriental?  What about a 50-minute free beauty treatment on your last stay at a Peninsula?  Last time you were at a Four Seasons, did they comp your breakfasts everyday, be it in the restaurant or room service? While none of those…

First Look – Crystal Esprit

Luxury travel advisor Mary Jean Tully provides a first-hand report from the inaugural of Crystal’s yacht cruise ship Esprit.