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The Top New Exclusive Use Properties For 2023

Jack Ezon, Managing Director and Co-founder of Virtuoso agency Embark Beyond tells us, “The privacy trends of Covid continue as clients seek to stick together in private environments from which to explore.” He adds, “This plays directly in line with the gatherings trend we continue to see growing, not just for multi-generational families but for groups of friends, families, couples, and passion players.” 

With that in mind, here are Jack’s picks for his favorite nine new exclusive-use properties available only for full takeovers, all opening in 2023.

1. Villa Canada – Copenhagen, Denmark
2. Ultima, le Grand Jardin – Cannes, France
3. FlockHill Homestead – Craigieburn Valley, New Zealand
4. Loapi at Tswalu Kalahari – Tswalu Kalahari Game Reserve, South Africa
5. Masseria Pistola – Puglia, Italy
6. Elang Villa at Bawah Reserve – Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia
7. Villa W – St. Tropez, France
8. Ultima Geneva – Geneva, Switzerland
9. Reid Creek Lodge at Wagonhound Ranch – Casper, Wyoming

1. Villa Canada – Copenhagen, Denmark

Villa Canada Copenhagen Dining Room
Credit: Villa Canada

Explore the Danish capital as a guest in a luxury home – Villa Canada. Behind the discrete gated entrance, the residence offers overnight accommodation for up to 14 resident guests in two luxury suites and five deluxe double rooms, all with king beds and marble bathrooms. Two spacious living and social rooms, multiple outdoor terraces, a grand dining room (max 24 guests), an Orangerie, with an open farmer’s kitchen, a children’s playroom, and a state-of-the-art gym and spa. Available for exclusive use only.

2. Ultima, le Grand Jardin – Cannes, France

Ultima, le Grand Jardin Cannes France VIlla
Credit: Ultima, le Grand

Le Grand Jardin features just 12 bedrooms. This exclusive-use estate is the only place to stay on the chic Island of St. Marguerite, located a seven-minute boat ride from Cannes. For in-the-know jet setters, the island is most notable as one of Riviera’s best restaurants and yacht havens.

3. FlockHill Homestead – Craigieburn Valley, New Zealand

FlockHill Homestead New Zealand
Credit: FlockHill Homestead

This stunning new exclusive-use four-bedroom resort is an ultimate private escape. Set in the heart of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, Flockhill Homestead boasts six private ski fields. At the same time, summertime pursuits include two private trout fishing streams on property, deep caves to explore, and endless mountains for trekking along extraordinary landscapes – where the Battle in Narnia was filmed.

4. Loapi at Tswalu Kalahari – Tswalu Kalahari Game Reserve, South Africa

Loapi at Tswalu Kalahari south africa
Credit: Loapi at Tswalu Kalahari

Opening in Q2 and located in South Africa’s Kalahari Savanna Biome, Loapi at Tswalu Kalahri will consist of six fully private micro-camps, each operated as a separate private resort. There will be four one-bedroom, and two two-bedroom camps, at least 330 feet between each home, carefully positioned to make the most of unimpeded views. Since there are no shared facilities, all meals are prepared by a private chef in the interactive kitchen.

5. Masseria Pistola – Puglia, Italy

Masseria Pistola Puglia
Credit: Masseria Pistola

This six-bedroom 18th-century estate in Puglia has been charmingly restored. Architects have meticulously maintained the original structure with more contemporary interiors. What’s most unusual are the lush gardens – Mediterranean Terraces with views over the beautiful Canale Di Pirro Valley.

6. Elang Villa at Bawah Reserve – Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia

Elang Villa at Bawah Reserve Indonesia
Credit: Elang Villa

Elang Private Residence will emerge in Q1 of 2023 on a private island of Bawah Reserve (about 160 miles from Singapore), available by exclusive use only. With six sustainably minded cliffside lodges created by Singaporean designer Sim Boon Yang, made from recycled natural materials, each lodge will have private butler service, a balcony with sparkling ocean views, and private paths leading into rocky coves and directly to the sea. The island will be complete with a private clubhouse inspired by local tribal communal houses and its own restaurant, spa, and saltwater pool built out of a natural rock hollow with a water slide.

7. Villa W – St. Tropez, France

Villa W St. Tropez France
Credit: Villa W

Designed and completed by renowned French architect Philippe Starck, Lily of the Valley opens a notable three-bedroom private pool villa tucked within the property’s extensive gardens. Truly unwind, recharge and soak up the peaceful side of Saint Tropez with sweeping Mediterranean views.

8. Ultima Geneva – Geneva, Switzerland

Ultima Geneva Villa Switzerland
Credit: Ultima Geneva

Set in a verdant grove within walking distance of Lake Leman, this three-floored villa is just a short journey away from the livelier city center. The 20,000-sq.ft. compound comes with its own gym, pool, spa, hammam, and garage that can fit up to 10 cars.

9. Reid Creek Lodge at Wagonhound Ranch – Casper, Wyoming

Wagonhead Ranch Reid Creek Lodge Wyoming
Credit: Wagonhead Ranch

Q3, 2023 set on a 300,000-working cattle ranch outside of Casper, Wyoming, the seven bedroom Reid Creek Lodge allows you to take over an entire ranch all to your own. The lodge can accommodate up to 22 people (think bunk beds for kids) as the ultimate group bonding experience. Located just 45 minutes from Casper, Wyoming (or 4 hours from Denver), guests can also fly privately at the ranch’s airfield. Guests can recreate their own City-Slicker experience, only coming home to a marble bathroom at night. Other activities include fly fishing, SUP, mountain biking (e-bikes available if you need a break), glamping overnights, hiking, and incredible horse riding.

VIP Contact

Contact Jack Ezon at Embark Beyond at Jack@EmbarkBeyond.com.

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