An Inside Look at Thompson Playa del Carmen Main House

If you want to be in the middle of it – from sun to fun, Thompson Playa del Carmen Main House puts you at the center...


The Best Hotels and Top Suites in Brussels

Beer, chocolate, gastronomy, museums, unique architecture, and of course the EU, Brussels has a lot to offer. However, great hotels are in very short...

Vienna’s Best Hotels and Top Suites

Vienna is a city for all seasons, and always a cup of coffee. From its Christmas markets to the famous Balls, there is never...


The Top Villas and Suites in Tahiti

Tahiti is just eight hours from the U.S. West Coast, but worlds away. The idyllic South Pacific paradise offers both amazing overwater bungalows and...
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Cape Town’s Best Hotels and Top Suites

My biggest travel mistake was skipping Cape Town on my first visit to South Africa, something I subsequently rectified and won’t repeat. From its Apartheid...

Africa Safari Destination Primer: Where to Go and When

The saying, “Everything in Africa bites, but the safari bug is the worst of all” is one understood by no one more deeply than...


The Top Winter Superyacht Charters

Charter yachts are continuing to see a surge in demand, and for good reasons. First, there is the ability to create your own itinerary....
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