Orange County’s Best Hotels and Top Suites

The Southern California lifestyle doesn’t get better than Orange County, from boating to golf, shopping at the famous luxury South Coast Plaza mall, or...


The Best Hotels and Top Suites in Istanbul

Istanbul has perhaps as many top hotels and beautiful suites as any city in the world save London, Paris or New York. It presents...

Copenhagen’s Best Hotels and Top Suites

Located on a pair of coastal islands, Copenhagen combines modern Danish design, royal heritage, beautiful gardens, and notable restaurants. You will want to visit...


The Top Villas and Suites in Tahiti

Tahiti is just eight hours from the U.S. West Coast, but worlds away. The idyllic South Pacific paradise offers both amazing overwater bungalows and...
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Africa’s Best Kept Luxury Safari Secret

If Namibia isn’t on your radar, I’m here to change that. If you’re searching for a cutting-edge adventure, a Namibia safari should be top...

Raffles Hotels Plans To Double Locations by 2023

Accor's Raffles Hotels & Resorts will more than double its portfolio of luxury hotels and resorts, according to newly appointed CEO Stephen Alden, who...


What Makes this $11,000 Per Night Cruise Ship Suite So Special?

The cruise industry was booming pre-COVID. Exciting new ships were debuting with headline grabbing features, pushing capacity in almost every segment of the industry,...
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