Trip Report: Pendry Manhattan West

Pendry Manhattan West presents a fresh take on the usual New York City hustle-and-bustle. This hotel collection's distinct California-inspired take on hospitality adds a welcomed...


Vienna’s Best Hotels and Top Suites

Vienna is a city for all seasons, and always a cup of coffee. From its Christmas markets to the famous Balls, there is never...

The Best Hotels and Top Suites in Istanbul

Istanbul has perhaps as many top hotels and beautiful suites as any city in the world save London, Paris or New York. It presents...


The Top Villas and Suites in Tahiti

Tahiti is just eight hours from the U.S. West Coast, but worlds away. The idyllic South Pacific paradise offers both amazing overwater bungalows and...
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Cairo’s Best Hotels and Top Suites

There are dozens of mosques and museums worth visiting, and then there is the shopping at Khan el-Khalili, a souk that dates from 1,400...

The World Cup Is Coming to Doha: Here’s Where to Stay

The World Cup is coming to Doha, and this week, so are you as we look at Qatari city’s top hotels and most lavish...


What Makes this $11,000 Per Night Cruise Ship Suite So Special?

The cruise industry was booming pre-COVID. Exciting new ships were debuting with headline grabbing features, pushing capacity in almost every segment of the industry,...
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