Special Report – Cuba By Private Jet

Special Report – Cuba By Private Jet 

Recently I met Johnny Considine, the Irish owner of Cuba Private Travel, who has been living in Havana for 15 years. He has been covered in the likes of the Financial Times, Forbes, Conde Nast Traveler and The Telegraph to mention a few. He recently told How To Spend It, “The quality of experience that you can have now in Cuba is top-notch. If you’re interested in Afrocentrism, you can meet with a respected historian, a key member of Cuba’s established Latin hip-hop movement or a grassroots activist working on gender empowerment for young black females in the barrio. If you’re interested in food Havana has gone from gourmet wasteland to a place that boasts Swedish restaurants and sushi bars. You can hear the backstory of still-pressing food supply issues from a top chef-restaurateur.”

Interesting for readers of this newsletter, Considine told me it’s not only possible to fly your private jet to and from Cuba but to use it for internal flights – something that will allow you to cover more ground efficiently and comfortably. If that’s surprising, perhaps it shouldn’t be. The Sunday Times wrote, “Johnny Considine is on pretty much first name terms with the whole population.” In this issue, our Special Report reviews a private jet itinerary Cuba Private Travel executed earlier this year.


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