Vol 6, No 41 – How to rent a villa

Vol 6, No 41 – How to rent a villa

  1. What are the price ranges of the villas?
  2. How is the price determined and are there length of stay requirements?
  3. What is included and what type of services do I get?
  4. What costs are additional?
  5. What are some of the advantages of a villa versus a hotel and vice versa?
  6. How far in advance do I need to book the villa, and how do payments work?
  7. How do I find the villa? How do we get access?
  8. What if something needs to be fixed? What if we need something after hours?
  9. Should I get travel insurance? What if something gets damaged while we are there?
  10. Will it be too crowded if all the bedrooms are taken?
  11. How do villas work if you have small children? Are there minimum age limits? Will you provide safety gates?
  12. Can we invite friends back to the villa? What type of security is there?
  13. How do I know there will be good Wifi?
  14. Who will know I am staying there? Can I find out the name of the owner?
  15. Who will have access to the villa while we are staying there?
  16. In addition to the villa, are there any other facilities we will have access to?
  17. If we want to dine at local restaurants or arrange tee-times or sightseeing, how do we do that?
  18. Can I see a sample rental agreement?
  19. Who should we tip, and what type of tips are expected?
  20. What if we want to buy the villa?
  21. What if our party is too big for one villa? Also, how well do villas work for weddings, celebrations or even an executive retreat?

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