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The Very Best Hotel Cigar Lounges

If you are a cigar smoker, finding a great cigar room or lounge when you are traveling isn’t necessarily easy. Earlier this week we sat down with cigar aficionado Ted Teng, the CEO of The Leading Hotels of the World, a collection of 375 five-star hotels in 75 countries to ask about his favorites. 


Hotel Sacher Wien (Vienna, Austria) 

Hotel Sacher is better known for its Sacher Torte, a rich, dark chocolate cake, however, for cigar smokers the lounge is just off the main bar area. Teng likes the dark and rich décor and  comfortable leather seating as a place to have a smoke after a night out on the town. 


Ritz-London Cigar Lounge
Credit: Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz London (London, England) 

Located within The Ritz London, The Ritz Club’s Cigar Shop & Terrace is separate, but popular with players at the hotel’s casino, which is open to members and guests. “You walk in off a very busy street, and once inside it’s a real Oasis,” says Teng, adding, “The Ritz is the Ritz. It’s one of those places if you come to London you have to go at least once, although you’ll likely go back. It’s such a majestic hotel.” 


Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris (Paris, France) 

The Viñales Club is a “a cozy lounge filled with fine materials, books and works of art” in Le Royal Monceau, one of Paris’ Palace Hotels, an official designation that means better than five stars in the French hotel hierarchy. 

“It’s the best cigar bar I’ve been to,” says Teng. “You have to have a key to get in, so you don’t have people poking their heads in. It opens to the garden if you want fresh air. It’s very comfortable and they have swinging trays where you can put the ashtray so you don’t have to reach to the table. Its wood and leather. You ring a bell and people come to serve you.”


ashford castle cigar lounge
Credit: Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle (Cong, Ireland) 

On a rooftop corner of the castle, through the Billiards Room, guests can discover the Cigar Terrace that offers fantastic views of the River Cong and beyond. Teng says he likes that there are both indoor and outdoor areas. It’s a the place to relax after a day of hiking or perhaps fishing and lawn sports.


Mamilla Hotel  cigar lounge
Credit: Mamilla Hotel

Mamilla Hotel (Jerusalem, Israel): 

The Cigar Lounge is set right off the chic Mirror Bar (cigar menu linked here). Teng says, “I was there in June. They also serve excellent Israeli wines you can’t find outside the country. It has ceilings, comfortable leather couches and sofas.There is also great seafood restaurant on the roof.”


Le Churchill Cigar Lounges
Credit: Le Churchill

La Mamounia (Marrakech, Morocco)  

Le Churchill bar is “rich, warm and masculine. It’s dark. You feel you’re in Marrakech,” says Teng. 


Olissippo Lapa Palace (Lisbon, Portugal)

The hotel is in the diplomatic area of the city and the cigar lounge has a good location right off the lobby. Teng says it has comfortable seating, is very secluded but has great views from its hilltop location.

South Africa 

The Very Best Hotel Cigar Lounges
Credit: Cape Grace

Cape Grace (Cape Town, South Africa)

The cigar bar is directly connected to the hotel’s Bascule Whiskey, Wine and Cocktail Bar. A selection of over 500 whiskeys complement the range of cigars. “It’s a very intimate hotel. It has a very nice lobby and lounge hotel with a great location,” says Teng.


Gstaad Palace (Gstaad, Switzerland)

The Smoking Lounge is the perfect place to enjoy a cigar, pre or post live music in the Lobby Bar, says Teng. There are majestic mountain views and a great selection of cigars. “One of the best views from any cigar lounge,” says Teng

Lausanne Palace & Spa (Lausanne, Switzerland) 

The Habana Bar (below) offers a wide selection of cigars in an elegant setting (cigar menu linked here). It’s a room right off the lobby. “It’s quite comfortable with seating. You ring a bell for service,” notes Teng. There are windows looking into a courtyard you can open for fresh air.

The Very Best Hotel Cigar Lounges
Credit: Habana Bar

La Reserve Geneve Hotel, Spa & Villa is right off the lobby a good selection but is a bit hidden so a good place to sneak away says Teng. In the basement of Hotel D’Angleterre in the city center, the hotel has turned its gym into a cigar lounge.

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