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The Best Way to Spend 22 days in Patagonia and Antarctica

Sparse in population but rich in adventure. You have 22 days to unearth this southern region of South America & Antarctica by horse, helicopter, and vessel.

From ritualistic dinners and exploring volcanoes to an expedition in the Antarctic; venturing alongside penguins and seals, Suzy Xiu has made sure this itinerary is one you’ll remember for a lifetime.

·       Duration: 22 Days
·       Great for Adventure Seekers
·       Trip Style: Combination of luxury, expedition cruising and camping!
·       Advisor Notes: This trip is only possible from December through February due to the unique overnight camping in Antarctica

The Trip by Suzy Xiu


– Horseback ride to Terevaca Volcano, the highest place on the island
where you have a 360º view of the whole island.
– Enjoy a folk dinner show at Tera’Ai with dances that showcase war, flirting and
seduction and supremacy of power.
– Through hiking, biking, horseback, and 4×4 you will explore the glaciers, mountains, lakes, and pampas of Patagonia.
– Navigation by zodiac to Ardley Island to visit penguin colonies.
– An Overnight Ice Camp on Collins Glacier.

22 days in Patagonia and Antarctica
Credit: Suzy Xiu

Day 1: Arriving at Easter Island

Today, you arrive on Easter Island via Santiago, Chile. There are no plans today other than settling into your accommodations at Hanga Roa Eco Village & Spa. We have a lot planned for this trip so enjoy this time to relax and recover from traveling.

Day 2: Exploring Rano Raraku 

Enjoy breakfast while you take in the beauty of the sunrise in Tongariki. Here you find the largest and most impressive ahu, located at the foot of the Rano Raraku Volcano. You’ll explore the archaeological site of Rano Raraku (one of the most important on the island). For lunch, visit Ovahe Beach for a private barbecue. This evening enjoy dinner aboard an anchored boat in Hanga Piko.

Day 3: Terevaca Volcano

Horseback ride to Terevaca Volcano, the highest place on the island where you have a 360º view of the whole island! You will then visit Tahai, formed by three ahu or, ceremonial altars. Sip on a cocktail while you watch the sunset and then head back to your hotel for dinner.

Day 4:  The Myths and Legends of Los Motus

Sail to Los Motus (islands) and learn it’s myths and legends. You can recall what the men would do while competing for the supremacy, looking for the Manutara bird’s first egg. For the evening, enjoy a folk dinner show at Tera’Ai. Vegetables and whole fish are cooked with hot stones and covered with banana tree leaves. Eat and enjoy the many dances that showcase war, flirting and seduction, the supremacy of power for the next chief of the tribe. This is quite educational and you may even have your face painted.

Day 5:  Fly Back To Santiago 

We recommend a drink or cocktail at one of the most privileged terraces in Santiago, the Rooftop Bar of your hotel, The Singular Santiago, Lastarria Hotel. The location offers a spectacular view of Mount Santa Lucia and Mount San Cristobal. We suggest dinner reservations at Astrid y Gaston Restaurant or Boragó restaurant for this evening.

Day 6: Fly To Punta Arenas

A helicopter flight from here to Torres del Paine National Park will offer breathtaking views of Patagonia and avoid the long 5-hour drive. Check in to Awasi Patagonia, your home for the next 5 nights. Awasi Patagonia is situated inside a private reserve neighboring the Torres del Paine National Park, from where guests can enjoy imposing views of the Torres del Paine peaks and Lake Sarmiento. Your stay is fully inclusive – all meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, all private guided excursions in a 4×4 vehicle – all tailor-made to your interests.

22 days in Patagonia and Antarctica
Credit: Awasi Patagonia

Days 7, 8, 9 & 10: Torres Del Paine National Park

During your time at Awasi Patagonia, you will experience the best of Torres del Paine National Park, tailored to meet your needs and interests. All excursions are private (with a guide and a vehicle assigned to each villa). Through hiking, biking, horseback, and 4×4 you will explore the glaciers, mountains, lakes, and pampas of Patagonia. 

The park has approximately 457,145 acres. Torres del Paine National Park owes its awesome beauty to its 4 ecosystems, its flora and fauna, and its wide variety of geological elements such as mountains, forests, pampas, glaciers, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. 

Starting with the mountains and peaks, visitors are awed by the Torres del Paine towers, the Cuernos del Paine peaks and the great expanse of the Paine Massif. There are 4 great glaciers to discover, the Grey, Pingo, Frances and Dickson glaciers. The lakes of the national park include Sarmiento, Pehoe, Nordenskjold, Pingo, and Dickson, and each one has its unique beauty and vista. The Verde and Azul lagoons also stand out for their tranquility and majesty.

Day 11: Begin Your Journey To Antarctica 

A helicopter transfer will deliver you back to Punta Arenas for the start of your journey to Antarctica. The adventure begins with a two-hour flight to King George Island, located in the South Shetland Islands. Fill your lungs with the clear Antarctic air, explore your surroundings and board the zodiac to your expedition vessel, the Sea Explorer. The all-suite vessel has a capacity for up to 110 guests for the comfort of guests, a maximum of 71 will be accommodated for the special fly-cruise itinerary.

Days 12, 13, 14 & 15: Penguins, Seals & Whales

22 days in Patagonia and Antarctica
Credit: Suzy Xiu

Cruise between the South Shetland Islands and the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, sailing along ice-filled fjords and among spectacular icebergs, while enjoying the company of sea birds, penguins, seals and whales. Each day, disembark by Zodiac and explore the landscape together with expert polar guides. 

Onboard the ship, attend an engaging program of lectures and presentations and enjoy spectacular vistas from the glass-enclosed lounge while sharing your daily adventures with fellow guests. 

22 days in Patagonia and Antarctica
Credit: OutsideGo

While the exact itinerary changes with each expedition, you will explore several spots that offer the best possible overview of the varied Antarctic environment. Your voyage may include visits to sites such as Paulet Island, Hope Bay, Port Lockroy, Petermann Island, Paradise Bay, Deception Island, the Lemaire Channel, or many other magnificent places.

Day 16: Back To King George Island

Time to bid farewell to new friends made as you set off for the ultimate experience – overnight at the Ice Camp. Before heading to camp you will visit Las Estrellas, the first settlement inhabited by civilians as well as the Orthodox Russian Church at Bellingshausen Station. 

You may also enjoy navigation by zodiac to Ardley Island to visit some penguin colonies. You will then be taken to the Ice Camp based on Collins Glacier, for your overnight.

Day 17: Elefanteras 

Rise early and enjoy a walk to the “Elefanteras” (sea elephant colony) and a visit to a scientific station. Other attractions are possible depending on weather conditions and departure time. A charter flight back to Chile will deliver you to Pucon, the last stop of this spectacular journey. 

The Hacienda Hotel Vira Vira is a small and elegant Boutique Hotel embedded in a beautiful native park with natural lagoons, wild creeks and exceptional views to the Villarrica Volcano. Enjoy a fantastic dinner at the hotel’s gourmet restaurant and a good night’s rest.

22 days in Patagonia and Antarctica
Credit: Hacienda Hotel Vira Vira

Days 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22: Relax And Retreat

A stay at Vira Vira is the ideal ending to this adventure of a lifetime. Be as relaxed or as active as you wish in this unforgettable unique setting. Another all-inclusive stay with a menu of excursions, all meals freshly prepared with local ingredients, and beverages. 

Take a horse ride up the hill where three lakes can be seen in the middle of the forest; kayak in the lake with no one else around and just take in the beauty of mother nature; return to your hotel for a relaxing soak in an open-air hot tub with a view a beautiful view to the river.

VIP Contact

Contact SmartFlyer advisor Suzy Xiu at suzy@smartflyer.com

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