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These Luxury RVs Will Let You See America in Style

So, you are tired of figuring out which hotels are open, and if they are open, what’s open, what’s closed, and will it change before you get there. Yet, you are craving a bit of new. You have access to private aviation, so you can get where you need to safely and efficiently.

I’ve got two letters that might change the way you look at travel forever in the future – RV.

Maybe you love Recreation Vehicles, maybe you don’t know much about them, and maybe you never, ever thought you would find yourself vacationing in a RV.

Now, think about luxury yachts. Think about having your own driver – although you can drive too. You don’t need a special license, and pre-trip training is included. 

Have a tail vehicle, providing concierge services, whether it be grocery shopping, meal preparation, or arriving ahead to ensure VIP access wherever you are going. 

These Luxury RVs Will Let You See America in Style
This Prevost Superior XL FZ rents for $27,500 per week. Credit: Prevost   

You can sleep in the RV. There are luxury RV resorts you can stop. Some people mix in a night or two at attractive lodges or resorts along the way.

Overseas Leisure Group (OLG) is mining its expertise on helping international visitors see the U.S. by pivoting and offering unique, white-glove (if you want) RV experiences catering to the domestic market.

Felix Brambilla, a partner at the company tells us, “Prices range based on the quality of the vehicle, from basic ones at a few thousand per week to the top of the line exceeding 10,000 USD per day.”

These Luxury RVs Will Let You See America in Style
This Prevost Marathon RD includes a washer and dryer and rents for $39,500 per week. Credit: Prevost

He continues, “This is for the vehicle only. Then comes all the planning of a curated experience which can be as luxurious as including a chase-concierge, including a 24/7 butler traveling in a separate vehicle.”

Itineraries are tailored based on the wishes and profile of each client.

He says, “Some will want to remain off the grid and dry-camp.” That means no hookups, using the self-power and resources from the vehicle itself. 

Others want the most upscale RV Camps. Just because you have a healthy bank account, doesn’t mean the biggest is best. Brambilla says, “We even see UHNWs use the most off-road vehicles -smaller in size but very complete – going to the boondocks. No given site, no infrastructure at all, just free camping in National Parks or private lands.

These Luxury RVs Will Let You See America in Style
Credit: Mercedes

The Mercedes Leisure Serenity provides luxury if you want a smaller vehicle

OLG’s Chase Road Concierge offers an all-inclusive service that provides tech assistance, cleaning, groceries, meals, maintenance, as well as a chauffeur for transportation when the RV is parked. 

You may also choose an alternate mode of transport, including an SUV, convertible car, or even a Harley Davidson motorcycle to use along the way!

Popular Itineraries

From Wyoming To Montana

Duration: 10 days and 9 nights

This 10-day road trip across some of the most picturesque regions of the northwest United States allows trekkers to experience two of the most popular National Parks in the country and stay for multiple nights at hand-picked locations nearby for some rest and relaxation after taking-in the magnificent views of nature’s unvarnished beauty. 

A drive from Jackson Hole Airport brings visitors to Wyoming’s Jackson Hole Valley Mountain Resort and the longest vertical rise of any mountain area in the U.S, known for its wildlife and National Elk Refuge. 

Guests are booked for two nights at the luxurious Amangani Suites resort, overlooking the Teton Mountains, before continuing on to Yellowstone to witness the beautiful hot springs and gushing geysers of the world’s first National Park. 

An overnight stay at the nearby Headwaters RV Campground is arranged before continuing on towards Montana and a two-night stay en route in a Deluxe Tent at Under Canvas, a scenic glamping destination perched on the edge of Yellowstone and the gateway to Montana’s hydrothermal and geological wonders. 

Experience the snow-capped peaks and alpine hiking trails of Montana’s breathtaking Glacier National Park. There’s a four-night stay in a Big Timber suite at The Resort at Paws Up, a luxury mountain resort and cattle ranch featuring activities that include cattle herding, canoeing, fly fishing and archery, among other outdoor endeavors.

From Salt Lake City to Las Vegas

Duration: 11 days and 10 nights

Considered the most popular 11-day RV excursion originally conceived by Overseas Leisure Group, this journey features a one-of-a-kind road trip in the heart of America’s west.

These Luxury RVs Will Let You See America in Style
Credit: Google

Originating from Salt Lake City Airport, the journey begins with a short drive to The Lodge at Blue Sky (2-nights), followed by Paddle Board Yoga in a 10,000-year-old hot spring, a stay at Sorrel River Ranch (2-nights), a River Rafting camp trip guided by an Olympic kayaker, an off-road jeep trail and iPhone photography tour in Utah’s Arches National Park.

The enjoy the drive to  The View Hotel (1-night) in Arizona, a tour by an authentic Medicine Man in Monument Valley, a stay at Amangiri (2-nights) in Utah, a cruise along Colorado’s Lake Powell, a private photo tour through Arizona’s Antelope Canyon, a stay at Utah’s Bryce Canyon (1-night), an evening of stargazing with a professional Astronomer, a glamping experience at Under Canvas Zion (2-nights), and a hiking trail through the rock formations of Utah’s Zion National Park.

From Los Angeles To San Francisco

Duration: 8 days and 7 nights

This 8-day excursion takes travelers on an unforgettable voyage through California’s wilderness. 

A three-hour drive from Los Angeles brings you to Sequoia National Park, home to its giant sequoia trees and General Sherman tree, the largest tree on earth. 

Guests are booked for two nights at the Sequoia Campground and Lodge, nestled within the adjoining Kings Canyon National Park.

From there, continue to Yosemite National Park, known for its stunning granite cliffs of El Capitan and jaw-dropping Yosemite Falls. This is followed by a three-night stay at the Yosemite RV Resort, in the foothills of the Yosemite Valley.

Next head to Carmel by the Sea—a charming beach city on California’s Monterey Peninsula, where a subsequent two-night stay is arranged at Carmel by the River RV Park. 

If you are a golfer, there’s Pebble Beach and Spyglass Hill, and Cyprus Point.

VIP Contact

Contact Felix Brambilla, partner at Overseas International at   Felix@overseasinternational.com, or visit its website.

Doug Gollan
Doug Gollanhttp://douggollandotcom.wordpress.com
I am Editor-in-Chief of Private Jet Card Comparisons and DG Amazing Experiences, and a Contributor to Forbes.com.


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